Wait--who we?

More than your everyday Brooklyn, New York-based music production company, BluYork Muzic emerges from a place of love and friendship. Theo, Raphy, Gabriel, and Joey first crossed paths in the early 2000s as teenage musicians...back when cell phones were just for voice calls and playing Snake...and the true object of desire was really that Sony Discman...


Reunited in 2016, these four musicians rejoined forces as recording artists to form what is now a limited liability company doing business as BluYork Muzic LLC. 


Bound by our shared first love, we're a team of record producers synergizing Classical, Jazz, Gospel, Salsa, Kompa, Dance, Hip Hop, Reggaeton, and Indie music influences with the swagger and capital from our solo ventures, plus the energy from an expanding network of young talent to continue producing commercial music that's innovative, professional, marketable, and fun.


What we offer
  • Vocal Production
    • Record at one of our inviting studios using a condenser microphone and professionally treated booth  
    • Pre-mixed ruff MP3 export delivered at close of session 
    • Final masters mixed in ProTools HD 



  • Music Production
    • Browse our diverse catalog of radio-ready original instrumentals, produced fully in-house

    • Commission a package of custom instrumentals with reference vocals pre-added

    • Non-Exclusive and Exclusive Leasing Agreement options


  • Vocal Coaching & Artist Strategy

    • Solicit professional feedback on performance technique, tonality, and lyricality 

    • ​Gain perspective on leveraging your character strengths to become a stronger vocalist and recording artist


  • Live Band
    • Book us to play your favorite songs in a live set, at the venue of your choosing, with a custom-made arrangement at each performance

      • Contact Joey               

  • EDM DJ

    • Invite us to appear at your festival 

      • Contact Raphy                  

We aspire
To (begin, and) continue winning Grammy Awards.